Which North Pole?

It’s a trickier question than you might think - there are 5 in all:

The Magnetic North Pole, to which our compasses point, and which is not stationary but moves at around 15km per year. At present it is around 82 degrees North and is moving through the Canadian Arctic towards Russia. The 1996 site of the Magnetic North Pole is the finish line for the annual Scott Dunn Polar Challenge Race; 

The North Geomagnetic Pole, which centres the earth’s magnetic field and sits today over north west Greenland;

The Northern Pole of Inaccessibility, a magnificently named spot in the Arctic Ocean north of Alaska, which represents the point farthest in all directions from land;

The North Celestial Pole
, which is the astronomical extension of a line drawn through the earth’s axis which nearly hits Polaris;

and finally our destination -
The North Geographical Pole, the absolute fixed cap of the globe. The top of the world, 90 degrees North Latitude. We shall simply call it The North Pole or Pole, as for us everything else is a poor imitation.


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